About Us as photographers

Lighting is everything


Our early days of photography were essentially experimental, but the excitement and curiosity that photography created helped us to grow into knowledgeable, creative photography enthusiasts.  We have lived in the Rogue Valley, Southern Oregon, for 10 years now.  We travel all over Oregon to capture the beauty and learn as much as we can about this Beautiful state.  We have photographed Ashland, Medford, Portland, Crater Lake, Klamath Falls and many of the coastal areas and beaches.  We photograph, concerts, events and even musicians at the Britt Festival in Jacksonvile and At the Fairgrounds in Josephine and Jackson county. 

We went from simple landscape photography into expert low light action photographers.  The technical enthusiasm for our photography was inspired by watching Jason Lanier and Jared Polin, two photograpers whom we give the highest respect.  

Our photography ranges from High action Concert photography to Family  portraits, Cover and Head shot photography to Specialty Landscape photography and Business/Advertising photography.

From natural lighting to studio and concert lighting and most everything in between,  we have the knowledge and skills to get the photos you want.